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"I was a student at Sunny Truck Driving School from Nov. 1, 2008 until Feb.04, 2009. I attended this CDL school to gain an edge on a better income and to achieve goals that I have set in my life. This training has really changed my life style. My income has increased and I was able to purchase a new home and car. I would refer anyone to attend this school because they offer an excellent program."...B Singh; graduated Feb 13/2009

"I attended Sunny Truck Driving School in October 2008. I am very satisfied with the quality of training that I received. In no time at all the instructors boosted my confidence behind the wheel and taught me how to reach the highway the right way, safely. If your dream is to get your Class A CDL and have a new rewarding career then I highly recommend Sunny Truck Driving School to you. Go for it!"...Joshua M; graduated Nov 08/2008

"I checked out 4 of the driving schools in Flushing area and decided on Sunny Truck Driving School. The determining factor for me was the skills and knowledge of the instructors as well as the informative and friendly staff that works there. I did receive my CDL August, 2008. I have been contacted by the staff at Sunny Truck Driving School to make sure I am doing okay and employed and also to see if I need any assistance from them. I can't say for sure that everyone's experience will be like mine, but if the instructors see that you have the desire, they will make sure you get the training you need to be successful getting your CDL. As of January 2009, I have my own authority and that is just the beginning!"...Carlos J; graduated July 19/2008

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