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General Knowledge General Knowledge Test
Over 200 hundred questions to test your knowledge of truck driving. Think you got what it takes to be a truck driver? Take this test and find out. Covering topics such as general driving, load placement and weather conditions.

General Knowledge Test General Knowledge (T/F)
Another instalment of general knowledge question. 70+ questions, all in true and false format. These are sure to give you an Idea of how well you are going to do in your written test.

Hazardous Materials Hazardous Materials
Becoming a truck driver means that you will be transporting hazardous materials from time to time. Materials such as flammable gas, acids and poisons. Driving properly with these materials is essential for safety. Take this test and find out if you have the capability to drive these.

Air Brakes Air Brakes
Air brakes are the most vital element of truck safety. How well they will perform depends on how they are used and maintained. This test puts light on some of the most important topics on air brakes.

School Bus School Bus
Driving children to school require some strategic skills. Their safe journey is your responsibility. Apart from good driving, you are required by law to do several internal and external inspections. Do you know what they are?

Double Triples Double Triples
Driving a truck in one thing, driving it with two or three trailers is another. If you think you are ready to perform this kind of duty, get 100% marks on this test.

Combination-Vehicles Combination Vehicles
Adding a various types and sizes of trailers can make the driving completely different. To be able to drive effectively and safely you need to follow some premade procedures. Do you know what they are?
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